We’re answering your questions here about play…but if you’ve got another just email the BOLD team and we’ll help you out.

Q. I really want to organize a production of the play, but I have no producing experience and a ridiculously busy life. Does it make any sense to even consider doing this?

First off, you’re not alone. Over 75% of the people who organize a BOLD performance have never produced a play. In fact, some have never even attended live theater beyond their high school play.

We believe you can do this.

The best people who produce this play are organized, great at motivating people, and feel passionate about changing the culture of birth.

Q. How specifically do I produce a play? I mean, what are the things that need to get done to make something like this happen?

First, breathe. You can do it! Deep down you know that you were born to be BOLD, right?

There are specific tasks that must get done to make a production like this happen, but remember you can make this production as big or small as you like.

Some people have done this play at their kitchen tables. Others have found professional directors and done it in a big fancy theater. There is no right way to produce the play.

We encourage you to VISION first. What kind of production do you want to have? How much money do you want to raise?

Here’s a bucket list of typical to-dos:

  • Find sponsors to cover costs. If you want to raise lots of money then you’ve got to find sponsors
  • Find a director. Ask at your local community theater. Or be BOLD and go to a bigger theater and see who bites. You never know
  • Hold auditions for actors. Copy scripts
  • Find rehearsal space to rehearse!
  • Organize outreach to get media attention
  • Imagine the day of the event and how you want it to look like, feel, who should be there
  • Contact people you think could be on a BOLD Talkback panel after the show to talk about the birth issues

Communities have organized the play in 4 weeks and some have worked on it for months.

This play is a great way to move your community into action!

Q. It looks like there are 8 characters in the play. Is that how many actors I’ll need?

At a minimum you will need 8 actors because there are 8 main characters. But many productions like to have at least one or two other actors to help play multiple smaller roles like birth partners, doctors, midwives, and nurses.

Eight-ten characters are the normal range of actors needed.
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Q. I’m confused about how much it’s going to cost to do this. We don’t have a lot of money.

It’s totally free to produce the play. You simply apply for a licensing fee. This licensing fee allows you to perform the play up to 6 times in one year. If you want to perform more than that, just contact us.

Production expenses vary depending on the size of your production. Typically, these are the biggest expenses:

  • Photocopying the script for 8 (or more if you include a couple of minor actors and crew)
  • Printing costs for the program and poster
  • Drinks and snacks for the actors while they are rehearsing

Many of our locations get sponsors to cover these costs so all ticket sales go to your birth-related cause.

Q. Can we donate our ticket sales to any cause?

BOLD requires you to donate all ticket sales to organizations and causes that support changing the culture of birth. Birth centers, birth networks, and programs that provide free doulas to low income women are a few examples. If you have any doubt contact us.

Q. Can the playwright Karen Brody come to our event?

Karen does travel to productions of Birth and will speak before or after the play. Typically she only visits sites who are also able to organize a BOLD Method training so she can come to the play and also offer a training.

If you want Karen to travel to your location contact the BOLD team.

Q. I don’t want to organize the play now, but I may want to do it in the future.

If you’re not ready to perform the play yet we suggest you join our mailing list to receive our updates. You might also want to check out our trainings both live and online.

Photos (from top): BOLD Uruguay, BOLD Minnesota