• “I support the BOLD movement with every fiber of my being.” – Dr. Christiane Northrup
  • “The BOLD movement is all about women supporting each other to achieve their hopes and dreams.” – Robbie Davis Floyd
  • “an amazing and necessary movement.” – Barbara Harper
  • “emotional well being is just as important as physical! thank you Karen for spreading your BOLD message.” – Carrie Connors
  • “Thank you again for who you are and the gifts you have given to all of us and the world! Thank you for BOLD! It has touched lives and shift energy here in San Antonio.” – Alisa Voss
  • “Kudos to Karen for wielding her BOLDness so mightily and bringing such a deeply affecting approach to health to women.” – Myra Borden
  • “Thank you for your work and inspirational contribution to women everywhere. I appreciate how you’re changing the world with your own special light and talents.” – Teresa Mattimore
  • Thanks to Karen and the BOLD movement for being BOLD in childbirth!” – Ina May Gaskin
  • “The BOLD Method is such an amazing approach that empower women to identify their needs and then take action towards making their ideal birth a reality. The big surprise was that along the way the tools helped to change my life as a birth worker as well!” – Chloe Raum
  • “The BOLD Method is one of the best trainings – if not the best thing I have every done in my training as both a doula and childbirth educator! – Teresa Worthy Howard
  • “I am grateful to Karen Brody for creating a brilliant piece of art that, if we’re lucky will encourage more women to become active in their health care.” – Randy Coppoleta
  • “Karen, your play BIRTH changed every actor’s life. They all say to me : ‘ my life before BIRTH and my life after BIRTH’, isn’t that great?!!” – Maude  Poulin, BOLD Quebec
  • “An old directing professor of mine said Theater was supposed to ‘turn on’ and audience not entertain, TV is for entertaining an audience. Your play BIRTH was true theater.” – John Christian Saunders