If you want more than a “fine” birth, then here’s your opportunity.

The BOLD Method for Birth is not traditional childbirth education.
We’re forging a new way to give birth,
one that’s about having a healthy baby
and a healthy YOU.

If that sounds like a desire you have, you’re in the right place.

Our guiding principles include:

- a belief that every woman is the shero of her own journey
- a celebration of the wild feminine, an abundant creative flow in the female body that ripples into all areas of our lives
- a commitment to help every woman return to her true nature, that place of power within that you knowingly know
- a desire to create a birth paradigm that considers the birth journey sacred and believes in a woman’s ability to give birth.

The BOLD Method is for the woman who wants more from her birth
because you know you’re worth it.

If this is you, we invite you to contact a BOLD Method facilitator.

You can have a conscious, healthy birth.
In fact, we believe it’s essential.

We don’t believe your ancestral birth imprint defines you.

If your mother, grandmother and every female in your family had
a bad birth experience you have the power to break that imprint.
We’ll show you how.

A BOLD Method for Birth facilitator helps you remember who you are
and teaches you how to activate the power inside you.

Our classes, workshops, and individual coaching is a
life-long, life-changing journey
that will help you throughout birth and well into motherhood.

We don’t see birth as the end-game.
Our tools nurture a woman’s soul
and produce lasting results.

We love women.
We believe you rock.
We’re ready to rock your world.

Birth is not just another day.
It’s a day you and your baby will never forget.
Make it count.
Make it matter.
Make it BOLD.

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