If you want more than a “fine” birth, then here’s your opportunity.

The BOLD Method for Birth is not traditional childbirth education. We’re forging a new way to give birth, one that’s centered in the truth of who you are, that feels right, a place where you give birth (to a baby, a project, a relationship) from a place that shouts “Yes!” If that sounds like a desire you have, you’re in the right place.

Our guiding principles include:

- a belief that every woman is the shero of her own journey
- a celebration of the wild feminine, an abundant creative flow in the female body that ripples into all areas of our lives
- a commitment to help every woman return to her true nature, that place of power within that you knowingly know
- a desire to create a birth paradigm that trusts and honors mothers, fathers, babies, and the birth journey as sacred.

The BOLD Method is for the woman who wants more from her birth because she knows she’s worth it. If this is you, we invite you to follow your “Yes” by contacting a BOLD Method facilitator.

You don’t have to do pregnancy or motherhood alone.

Together we can help you activate the power that is always inside of you.

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