The BOLD Method Birth Facilitator
Advanced Training Program

“This training is exactly what I’ve been seeking my whole life!”
- Michelle Haywood, doula, Calgary, Ontario

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The BOLD Method™ for Birth is a unique advanced training for birth professionals who want to learn women’s empowerment tools to help take pregnant mothers from fear to freedom in their births. In this training you’ll learn our Body-Voice-Action formula, a combination of mindfulness-based techniques and community organizing tools, to help pregnant mothers take ownership of their births.

What’s unique about our certification program?

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This certification program is about restoring the feminine landscape. What do we mean by that? We believe it’s essential that women reconnect to that wild place inside of them. There are no words for this place. Like birth, it’s a mystery. But what we do know is that when women are still, when they are encouraged to move, when they are given tools to feel their feelings and stand in the truth of who they are that’s when they are free. That’s when they take responsibility for their birth experiences and give birth with strength, power, and courage.
How it works
Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 12.52.23 PM“The training with Karen was a spiritual journey for me, as a doula. And now it will be so for all the women who I support in giving birth.”
- Akiko Kimura

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 12.52.58 PM“The BOLD Method is not about the “right” way to give birth or the “wrong” way to give birth. It goes beyond those social constraints to something deeper. It guides a woman into herself and helps facilitate the space and expression of her own unique journey in this wild rite of passage we call birth. It allows a woman to own her body and her voice and to give birth to her baby, to herself, and to her life in the way that is best for HER.” – Allyson Ayers


Full Fee: $600
I AM BOLD Sister: $300 or free after 1 year in I AM BOLD

What is I AM BOLD? Click here for details on how you can join our Red Tent for Birth Pros.

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Why The BOLD Method for Birth?
Led by founder Karen Brody, an internationally know birth advocate and speaker, The BOLD Method is leading a movement to bring mental fitness to moms. Changing the culture of birth is going to take birth professionals helping to shift the current mindset that believes birth is a frightening experience. As a result of Karen’s hugely successful play Birth and the visibility of our sister company BOLD Tranquility, the BOLD movement has brand recognition all over the world. Being part of a strong brand you benefit from website exposure, media coverage, and communication materials.

Once certified you will also be able to enter our popular yoga nidra meditation training for no cost and lead Deep Rest for Mom workshops in your community.

A Gift For Your Soul

Another reason to join us is if you are seeking a tune-up for your soul. One of the most frequent feedback we get from our facilitators is that this training was life-changing for them. In every module Karen speaks directly to you, embracing you in every tool, exploring the depths of being a woman, and urging you to serve yourself with The BOLD Method so you can then go out an serve others.
Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 2.57.59 PM“I want to express my gratitude and joy to you for creating The BOLD Method. I spent another 3 intimate hours guiding a circle of women in LOVE last night and the feeling was simply magic. This morning I found that in reviewing the evening in my mind I was completely flooded with passion for what I’m doing. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing The BOLD Method to the world. It’s exactly the vehicle I needed to bring my vision of women-centred care into my life and my community.” – Nicariteo Haywood