Two Essential Questions for Pregnant Moms & Birth Visionaries

Pregnant woman catching butterfly. Vintage background with butterflies

If you want to have a great birth experience
and change the culture of birth
hang out with a group of progressive chiropractors
for four days.

I’ve always been attracted to chiropractors.
My husband’s been told more than once
that our marriage is secure
as long as I’m not going to a chiropractor.
Anyone who can manipulate my neck
and take me out of pain
has a special place in my heart.

Last weekend I learned that
chiropractors are much more than
pain relievers.
They’re rebel rousers.

And I like that.

Chiropractors are waking our culture

What a turn on.
And great news for
changing the culture of birth.

I had the opportunity to speak to
700 of these groovy people
from all over the globe
at the Freedom for Family Wellness Summit,
the brainchild of Dr. Jeanne Ohm,
a chiropractor who’s as
visionary and rebel
as they come.

Dr. Ohm’s both the Executive Director of
the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA)
and Publisher of Pathways to Family Wellness magazine,
a magazine that I have written for,
known for being unafraid to confront
controversial issues in maternity care
like whether ultrasounds cause autism.

Before arriving I had wondered
why Dr. Ohm wanted me on
the main stage talking to chiropractors
about yoga nidra meditation and deep rest
as a tool to wake people up.
How does that connect to
cracking someone’s back?

What I learned is that today’s chiropractor,
or at least the 700+ who turned up
at the Hyatt Regency in Reston, Virginia last weekend,
are at the forefront of shifting our culture’s consciousness.

They’re offering big answers
to super-sized and timely questions.
And all of this relates to
a better birth experience
and ultimately
changing the culture of birth.

“People have been seeped in a story
that tells us we’re separate
for so long,”
visionary Dr. Bruce Lipton told us.

“And yet this story is based on
false assumptions.
That’s why structures in our society
are breaking down.
So we can all come together as one.”

“We’re right at the birthing of
a new civilization,”
Lipton continues.
“It looks bad in the media,
but the breakdown of the
current western structure
is good.
It has to collapse to get better.
We can’t keep doing things the same way.
Everyone is waiting for permission to jump.”

See the connection to changing the culture of birth?

Yes, the birthing climate is falling apart.
Yes, there’s a whole lot of separation.
(FEAR is separation).
Yes, it’s gonna be messy before it’s pretty.
Yes, it’s GOOD breakdown.
Yes, we need breakdown.

The current model of maternity care has NOT been working.
It’s based on false assumptions
and fear.

We can’t keep doing things the same way in childbirth.
We can’t keep ordering c-sections
without clear evidence.
Women can’t keep seeing doctors that
don’t support their birth visions.
Everyone IS waiting for permission to JUMP.
And that’s why whether you’re pregnant
or consider yourself a birth visionary
We need all of you on deck.
To break down the current model.
To hold space for pregnant women
as we break down.
To whisper,
‘you’re safe,
come be whole.’
To usher in new paradigms.
To make birth better
for you,
your child,
and by extension our planet.

Every discussion I sat in on felt connected
to changing the culture of birth.

Do we want to wake women up to their birth power?
If so, we’ve got to make way for a new consciousness to emerge.
A shift.

I found myself swept up in a four-day
saturated with scientific evidence
and at the same time not wanting
the information flow to end.

Give me more.

And that’s what Gregg Braden did.
If you ever fear that
your DNA determines your destiny
just Google Gregg Braden.

DNA does not have to
determine your destiny.

If your mother had a medical condition
that made her high risk
you will not necessarily get that condition too.

You don’t have to raise your hand
to what you don’t want.

The new paradigm says:
Raise your hand to what makes you shout

Brayden and Lipton and Dr. Joe Dispenza have
got the science and sense to prove it.

In fact, there was so much talk about
altering your imprint
that I began to feel
what pregnant women really need is a
visionaries 101 seminar.

Forget traditional childbirth education.
Give pregnant couples consciousness.

Imprints, for example, would be
a fascinating discussion with pregnant women.
Just because everyone in your family had a cesarean
you don’t have to follow that imprint.
You have the power to change that imprint.
It’s choice.
Not destiny.

Can I get a ‘My Pregnant Body Rocks’ Amen?

While Braden isn’t a chiropractor
I found myself during his session drawing hearts
all over my notebook
and noticed that quite a few chiropractors
in my row were shaking their heads
and giving out occasional
soft hoots
like we were at a polite Tony Robbin’s
“Take Your Life to The Next Level” event.

On the final day of the conference
I headed onto the stage to talk yoga nidra
wake up to your power
followed by Cathy Daub’s beautiful childbirth
love potion for women,
and then the show-stopper Ina May Gaskin
who in Ina May form gave every birth professional
a simple prescription to follow
that goes like this:
“When a pregnant women’s in euphoria
you don’t need your fingers in her vagina.
She’s doing well.”

But ironically
although always inspiring
we didn’t need
Ina May.
By the end of four days
changing the culture of birth
seeds had already been fully planted.

How do we change the culture of birth?
Wake pregnant mothers up.
Show them how to feel alive.

I left the weekend feeling fully alive,
and asking myself
over and over again
two questions
that Braden and Dr. Joe Dispenza
encouraged us to frequently check in on:

Who am I?

Will this be loving to me?

What if every pregnant mother asked herself these
two simple questions
when she got pregnant
when she walked into her care providers
when she created her birth vision?


It took a chiropractic gathering
to discover these
two questions.
For that
I’m thankful
and tuned ON.

I’d love to hear from you below.
Do you think these
two questions
will help you
or other pregnant mothers give birth
with power?

The Power of “Yes and”

brick wall with opened door
Last week a light bulb went off,

urging me to pay attention.

It took me decades

to learn that

if you’re a woman not listening

to those

light bulb moments

then you’re asleep.

Checked out.

Probably numb.

Pregnant women can be like this,


Checked out.


Making birth plans.

Or not.

Never listening to the light bulbs





So last week

when my light bulb

was flashing

I listened.

Here’s what I heard:


I know you’re thinking.

Wasn’t that a misprint?

Don’t you mean




Last week a very wise woman

Taught me the power of


This woman is just beginning to


this buzz

deep inside of her,

that’s almost

more than she can handle.

She’s waking up.

A woman waking up

can be a

potent cocktail.

Checking in.

Watch out.

So fragile.

She feels

Sad and nauseous

and yet this deep sense of


It’s here that I met this woman,

a witness to her shift,


to the rhythm

of her


In her fully

awakened state

she loves music.

So she followed her Yes

into a Bluegrass jam last week

Expecting the

full-bodied yum,

of course.

Only to find standing in her Yes

felt like a NO.

Why? she wondered.

How could a Yes

be a NO?

She soul searched.

which of course means

The Big Cry.

Then she declared:

I’m no longer

following Yes.

Instead I’m going to follow


Yes feels like a judgment.


So final.



is always open

to possibility.

It’s like improve,

she tells me.

Improve is all about the


A generosity of spirit.

You don’t have to perform

if you don’t want to.


gives you that gentle


to go at your own pace.


and space.

How many times do women

feel tremendous


to perform

- to make choices -

against their


To say Yes,

the small kind,

when they so badly want to say



This insight

knocked my BOLD socks off.

I knew I needed to

share it with you today.

Can you just see

women shouting


at breakfast,

with family,

on the day they give birth,

in their minivans,

with a car packed full of kids?


Twisting and shaking to the





not carrying everything on our shoulders, in birth & life

Spa Stones Indicates Healthy Equality And Calmness
Greetings BOLD One,

Today I took a walk in the woods with my dog Zia. For me.

It’s been quite a week and I want to tell you about it.

Six weeks ago I was contacted by a friend asking if she could pay for her friend to come see me.

“I think she’s going to die

if she doesn’t get help,” she told me.

This friend of mine knows about the Rest Room in my basement, how I see only a few mothers privately using yoga nidra and that I really had no time or space in my schedule to see another mother because I had to focus on the Bold Tranquility launch.

Then she begged me.

So I said yes.

I actually don’t like saying yes to new mothers who come see me.

I’ve prefer a HELL YES.

But this wasn’t a HELL YES and that was okay.

I was doing a friend a favor and my heart certainly wanted to help this mom.

On the day of our first session she arrived late.

She was wearing loose jeans and a grey unfitted shirt, her hair a mess, her skin pale, and she walked with a limp.

I opened the door and down we went to the Rest Room.

Soft lighting, plush carpet, and lots of red.

Candles. A Blanket. An eye pillow.

Yoga nidra typically starts half way into our session. First we have an embodied conversation.

She could barely keep her eyes open.

Through labored breath she told me there was:

darkness in her wrists.


So I had her hold the weakenes.

And then hold strength.

Then both.

And she felt some relief.

But it was clear she must

lie down and rest.

Yes, the yoga nidra kind of rest.

“I feel some relief,”

she told me.

Then she left.

I watched her walk to her car.

She is 45 years old

and walked like she was ninety.

She is dying, I thought to myself.

In the next 3 sessions a general theme emerged.

Sleep deprived.

Soldiering through life.


Feeling intellectually stupid.

Giving up.

Wounded woman.

All her words,

not mine.

She limped to my door, and back to her car every session.

I feared for her life.

Then session 5 rolled around.

As she walked to my house from her car I noticed this:

She was wearing a bright green shirt.

Her hair was combed.

She walked slowly, but steadily.

In the Rest Room she told me:

“I’m joyful in a mellow way,”

And I thought to myself,




How often do we as mothers carry so much on our shoulders

until we cannot take one more step forward?

If only there was a way to

remember to hydrate


before we

can carry no more.

It’s the same with

a pregnant mother’s journey.

A mother goes through her pregnancy saying

I’m fine,

My doctor is fine about my birth choices,

My family is fine about my birth choices,

My hospital is fine,

I’m fine.

Really, I’m fine.

And then they give birth

And fine isn’t good enough.

Fine is not the


Fine is a whispers

That becomes a loud




A big NO

that we didn’t see coming.

What if,

We as women

and mothers

only said


What if we wore

bright green

every day?

We demanded joy.

As my HELL YES mama

walked away

from my home this week

I wept.

For all mothers.

What if

you didn’t carry

such a heavy load

on our shoulders?

What would that look like?

Have a beautiful week.

Together we can be good to ourselves.

Let’s stick together.

With love & BOLD somersaults,


PS: If you’re in DC next month come see me, Ina May and others at the Freedom for Family Wellness Summit. I’ll be speaking and Bold Tranquility will be setting up a place for moms to rest :)

birth, the wild woman & our quest for the full bodied yum


Warm greetings,

And I mean WARM. I’ve just left San Diego where I was speaking at the Natural Family Fair about the power of yoga nidra meditation this weekend and leading a BOLD Rest Tent…in a major heat wave. Whew!

Funny how heat sparks the wild woman.

Inside the BOLD Rest tent we experienced:



Deep rest.

Our stories were all different.

And Yet. There was this moment …

when one woman put her hands on her belly

and we all felt her yearning.

To return to the wild woman.

I asked her if her wild woman could speak what would it say.

Her answer?

Be Free.

I gave her permission to shout it.


And that’s when there was this collective YES.

We all wanted it.


So we shouted, from our bellies.


Why don’t you try it now?

Both hands on belly.

Shout three times.


Now notice how your body feels.

And you felt nothing that’s okay – nothing is something.

Welcome everything just as it is.

Is your wild woman awake now? Just a bit? Or does she need deeper permission?

As I lay down to bed last night I thought to myself

We need this.

The pregnant women we serve need this too.

But first, serve yourself.

So you then can serve others.

So many mothers last night spoke of exhaustion.

Of the pendulum.

My kids need me.

I need me.

I love my feminine.

I need the masculine too.

I’m closed down.

I see a crack open.

So today I wanted to remind you that your wild woman accepts it all.

You can be scared,

And brave.

It’s okay.

I never knew this before yoga nidra meditation.

Sure, I could intellectually tell someone this,

But I didn’t KNOW.

I didn’t know what harmony, oneness, and unity, felt like.

I didn’t know the freedom of resting in one’s true nature.

At the end of the evening last night the wild woman in all of us was alive and well.

Be Free!

Be Free!

Be Free!

We stood up.

In a circle,

over a dozen wild women,

giving a pregnant mother

in a beautiful deep pink top

some much-needed nurturing.

Shifting the model

Of giving from emptiness.

How often do we give from emptiness?

And this metatisizes into anger, fear, and sadness.

Inside the Rest Tent we gave from a place of FULLness.

Our full bodied yum spot.

Not perfection.

Ultimately it’s not about being perfect,

It’s about being authentic.

In birth,

In life.

All we really yearn for is…

A place where we can be our full self.

We can no longer deny this place.

Love & a ‘be free’ whisper to you, BOLD friend,


PS: If you’re wondering what I mean when I say wild woman please check out these two wonderful books: Women who Run With The Wolves and Wild Feminine.

An Impromptu dialogue between Ina May Gaskin and BOLD founder Karen Brody

Some days are just meant to be…my grandmother called it ‘beshert.’ And so it was when I popped over to see Ina May Gaskin – the ‘Mother of Midwifery’ – interviewed at a national radio station blocks from my house. Lisa Reagan of Pathways to Family Wellness Magazine was there with a cameraman. They asked us to sit down and just chat. And that’s what we did. Birthing Babies. The play. All of it. Enjoy.
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