We’re answering your questions here about BOLD…but if you’ve got another just email the BOLD team and we’ll help you out.

Q. What’s a rejuvenation revolution?

BOLD’s here to help ridiculously busy people who want to make a difference in the world take care of their health. We believe everybody is ‘pregnant’ with something (a baby, a project, a dream). We help you push your baby out in a way that serves YOU and the baby.

Think of it this way. If you’re burnt out we provide the oxygen mask.

Q. A nap? Tell me more.

On the surface a nap may sound ridiculous – even a punch line. At BOLD we take napping uber-seriously. Rest is a largely overlooked treatment for everything from depression to anxiety and even major illness.

It might seem reasonable to treat these issues with stimulating medications. But we feel this neglects a huge red flag – that your life is out of balance. We believe depression and other conditions is a wake up call to rest. It couldn’t hurt, right?

Think about it, if we didn’t take a drug to help us ‘keep going’ the fatigue that so commonly accompanies illnesses would force us to excuse ourselves from the world and…that’s right…you guessed it…rest.

We teach an ancient yogic sleep technique called yoga nidra to everyone who walks throughour BOLD gates. Think of it as meditation meets napping. You can try a free nap here.

Q. What is The BOLD Method?

The BOLD Method is a system that helps women reclaim their wellbeing. We teach a Body-Voice-Action formula that teaches you to connect with your body, find your authentic voice, and then we mentor you to live from this YUM spot and design your best life ever.

BOLD trains people who work with pregnant women around the world in The BOLD Method for birth through our online training. To become a BOLD Method birth facilitator click here.

Q. I love the idea of doing the play BIRTH in my community. How can I do it?

Yes! This is BOLD’s “giving back” project. Since 2006 BIRTH has been performed around the world in communities to raise awareness and money to change the culture of birth.

It’s a fun, rewarding, and unforgettable experience. And…it can be hair-raising to produce. But not surprisingly our BOLD organizers for the play say again and again: performing BIRTH is a transformational experience for the cast and their community.

Head over to Host a Performance for more information.